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Spark Arrest System

The smoke containment-spark arresting system provided by Murtech is a state-of-the-art approach to maintain clean plant work environments for employees while providing energy savings to companies.

Spark Arrest System

Safety issues associated with welding sparks being pulled into the ductwork and setting fire to the welding residue in the duct system and HVAC unit filter systems are virtually eliminated. The system also provides a cost effective avenue for companies to meet Federal and State air permitting regulations and requirements for process exhaust discharge.

The airflow required is carefully selected to ensure that any hot welding sparks are drawn into the wet scrubber tank system and extinguished prior to airflow being routed through the MERV15 pulse jet cartridge style filter system. The system utilizes an engineered welding hood made from 14M thick yellow translucent vinyl and light weight tube directly over the welding station or robot to stop the spread of smoke and welding contaminants released into the work area. The specialized filtration system allows for the air to be discharged back into the building minimizing the need for additional air handling units to be installed to maintain building pressurization…and for reheating or cooling that air. This “Building Air Neutral” system provides savings in up front capital costs and in long term plant operating costs.

The units can be designed to meet the individual needs for each customer manufacturing process. It can be placed on a mezzanine structure directly over an individual welding cell operation thereby freeing up the manufacturing floor space requirements, or a larger system can be created to utilize the current “in-place” duct systems over multiple welding operations.

Spark Arrest
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