In a time where energy costs continue to rise, it becomes critical to the bottom line for every business to find ways to reduce this variable in their cost model.

The Murtech team offers a total solution to help those businesses reduce natural gas & electrical utility costs. We specialize in efficient and profitable projects within our clients’ terms and budget while maintaining high standards of quality.

About Murtech

More than 50 years of history make us a leader in HVAC equipment and providing solutions

Our past involvement in projects across many industries gives us a broad multifunctional knowledge, allowing us to solve our clients’ unique challenges. We currently have manufacturing plants operating strategically in Chihuahua MX, and Toronto ON.

We have provided solutions to various segments of the industry, including automotive, foundry, industrial manufacturing, storage, hospitals, food processing, office and commercial, mining, pulp and paper.

About Murtech Industries

Our certifications

Murtech is a registered and recognized minority supplier through the local WBE and Michigan CEED as well as WOSB National Council.

Other certifications

We are a proud WISDOM sponsor

Our organization is dedicated to creating a supportive community where women in science can communicate and learn from one another. We focus on providing the training and tools women need to pursue their dreams of top-tier science positions in both academia and industry.


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