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Filtration Unit

It actively protects people from viruses, allergens, pollen and dust by creating and promoting a healthy and safe living and working environment. Our system provides an effective method to contain and destroy airborne viruses and pathogens providing safety and comfort through quality air.

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Proven state of the Art LED-UVC filtration system destroys COVID-19 / Flu airborne viruses at 99.9% effectiveness with simulation/test data to back it up.

When and why should be used?

Used as part of an overall air health plan for a virus containment strategy when groups of five to twenty people are gathered in close proximity to each other.

Proactively create and environment to protect people, especially elderly and kids who are most susceptible / at risk to contract viruses.

Helps promote a company or organizations image and reputation of being socially and ethically responsible in taking actions to create safe environments for employees and customers.

Support long term policy of helping to prevent future pandemics and the negative economic and societal impact that they cause

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